Cry Out
Translated Title

Cry Out

English Title

Cry Out

Volume 2

Raft Arc

Dead End
Eloquent Lip
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Rion is not breathing and Akira is forced to use CPR to save her. Meanwhile, Kazuma, Kanako and Shirou are in the water and trying to get out before the Ambulocetus finds them.

Full Summary

Rion is not breathing and Akira tries to wake her up, but to no avail. On her right chest he sees blood coming out. They need to head back to the island.

Kazuma and Kanako are on the beach. It seems the Andrewsarchus have left the beach. Kazuma can see the Raft floating away. Kanako turns around and sees Shirou is still in the ocean drowning. Kazuma refuses to save Shirou, because the Ambulocetus is still in the ocean, but Kanako doesn't care. She doesn't wish for anyone else to die. She takes her clothes and shoes off, revealing her bra and panty to Kazuma. Because of this, Kazuma also take his clothes off and help to save Shirou.

The raft is experiencing heavy waves. Mina and Masakazu are paddling to steer the raft. It is night so they can't easily see the other island. Masakazu uses the stars to find the other island.

Akira and Rion have reached the beach. He calls out Kanako and Shirou, but he forgots they're on their way toward the other island. So they are alone on this side. Akira forces to do CPR without Rion's consent.

Kazuma and Kanako find Shirou. They are bringing him back to the beach. Then something grabs Kazuma by his leg. It is the Ambulocetus again. It pulls Kazuma under the water.

Mina and Masakazu look beyond the event horizon, searching for clue of the other island. Mina finally sees something in front of them. They see a big Rock middle in the ocean. Masakazu mistook the rock for a island or he experienced a mirage. They are still denial of the fact, when something surfaces from the water. Kazuma, Kanako and Shirou are close by the raft, see a Basilosaurus whale crushes the raft in thousands pieces.

Back to the beach, Akira is repeating CPR to Rion. He won't give up on her, because she is everything to him. Kazuma, Kanako and Shirou are once again back on the beach. They walk along the line. Shirou wanders where are Akira and Rion? Not far from them they see Akira and Rion with her eyes open.

It is the next morning. The wreckage of the raft has washed ashore. Kazuma finds something between the wreckage. He ties it on a wooden stick and leaves with Akira's Group.


Deceased Characters

Mina Mukouda, Masakazu Yoshimoto

Introducted Extinct Animals



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