Unnatural Life
Translated Title

Unnatural Life

English Title

Unnatural Life

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

The Room 3
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira and his group are heading out of the Pyramid. Meanwhile Kanako and Ugen have been freed from the holding cell.

Full Summary

It's night at the Pyramid. Kanako and Ugen are devising a plan. Kanako asks the guard to unhook her bra. After opening the cell, Ugen jumps on the guard. They hear a sound on the outside. Duo, Heero and Quatre have taken out the second guard. They come here on request of Miina.

Akira's Pyramid Party uses the Diatryma model to climb up the chute. Akira warns Mami and Kairi that they are coming up. After seeing everyone faces Akira can tell that everyone is still shocked of their discovery of the extinct animal's secret. At the Garden of Eden level they tell the secret to Mami and Kairi. They are also shocked of the news. It reminds Kairi about a strange experiment a few years ago. The experiment grafted a human ear, onto a mouse's back. The forbidden advanced science leads to making this facility a reality. Kairi gives another example like Area 51 by the American. Since Guam is a American territory, they suspect that America is involved. Shizuka reminds everyone at the sealed door has many others languages labeled. It could mean that other countries must be involved also. Akira reassures the group and set their minds on their friends at The Tower. They climb back to B4 via the Material Liftshaft. Akira understands now the need of the heavy electrical machines. Shizuka looks back at the Yotsubishi company name. It bothers her that they might have overlook something.

Not far from the Pyramid, Kanako manages to find Ugen's Bag. The three lolicon men tell them to flee before Takashi finds out and they believe the kids are dead. Kanako and Ugen don't believe that. Ugen finds the Bullet he needs in his bag. The men wonder if Ugen has a gun for it. He doesn't have one and he only needs one bullet.


Introducted Survival Items



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