The Room 3
Translated Title

The Room 3

English Title

The Room 3

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

The Room 2
Unnatural Life
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Shizuka explains how to make an extinct animal by using various DNAs. Akira's Pyramid Party solves the mystery of the extinct animals.

Full Summary

Akira understands now that the extinct animals are created by man. The group doesn't think so it's doable. Shizuka explains the "Mammoth resurrection plan" to the group. Further no one has ever seen an extinct animal. In order to create something no one has ever seen, they need to create a model and an sample. Using every animal's characteristics they are able to make one to their specs. The group is shocked to hear that discovery. Now the extinct animals are roaming around The Island. Rion has enough of this. They have lived on the island for many days. She has hoped that someday someone will come to rescue them. Akira tries to comfort her while she is crying on Akira's shoulder. They head back to the tunnel to find more rooms. In one of the room they find more dead bodies. In their death state it seems there was a biological disaster. At the end of the tunnel they encounter a dead end. Akira suggests they head back to the "Cultivation Room" and look at the animal's skull again. As Akira sees the animal's skull, he tries to imaginate how the room used to be with the scientists and the extinct animals living inside the test tubes. With one last glance at the room, they finally solve the mystery of the extinct animals.



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