The Room 2
Translated Title

The Room 2

English Title

The Room 2

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

The Room 1
The Room 3
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Pyramid Party finds broken test tubes inside the room and a DNA bank in the next room.

Full Summary

The group looks around and counts about 30 huge test tubes. All the test tubes are broken and empty of contents. Akira wonders what were they growing. Shizuka and Aya find in a corner full of machines. It is connected to the test tubes. There isn't another door in the room. Akira accidently kicks something and he shines his Flashlight on it. He picks it up and finds a white fragment. Rion sees something at the end of the light. Akira finds an animal's skull. It looks similiar to Takashi's animal skull, but different. They leave the room and find another door in the tunnel. On top of the door it reads "Synthesis Room". The room is smaller compared to the previous room. The room is meant for experiment testing. Next to the glass window Akira sees another door. Akira tries to force it, but fails. They return to the tunnel to go to the door next to them. It may be linked with that door. Akira shines the label on top of the door, but could only read the word "Bank". Shizuka suggests something very important is stored inside. Akira's Pyramid Party find themselves a room with huge storage drawers. Akira opens a drawers and find test tubes inside. In front of the drawers it is labeled "Tiger". The others read more what they can find. Shizuka reveals the building is actually a DNA research facility. From her pocket Shizuka shows Akira the balls and sticks she found near the furniture. They are building blocks for a molecular model. She believes this place was creating stuff on a molecular level. Akira has only one guess about what were they were creating here: the extinct animals.



  • The first word of the room "Bank" is Gene, so they find the "Gene Bank"

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