Sygdommen til Døden
Translated Title

Sygdommen til Døden

English Title

Sygdommen til Døden

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

The Dark Room
The Room 1
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Pyramid Party enters the room with biohazard sign and discovers dead people. On the outside of the Pyramid, Miina manages to convince three men to aid him with his plan.

Full Summary

Akira and his friends seem afraid of the symbol. Shizuka reminds the group that there are 4 levels of biohazard. There are more writings beneath the symbol. Since they are here, they try to open the door. The wheel turns and comes loose from the door. Aya sees the door is opened despite the broken wheel. Akira shines his Flashlight into the room.

Miina is posing for Duo, Heero, Quatre. They like Miina very much. Miina asks them for a favor. They will do anything for him. He is glad he's able to find allies anywhere.

Takashi, Kubo, beard man and old man are at the holding cell. Takashi sentences Ugen and Kanako to death. Kanako reminds Takashi that they are hostages. Takashi needs to put fear in his group in order to consolidate his position. Ugen tries to save Kanako by using her sex as a bargain. Alas Takashi has no interest in bigger breasts. Kanako's breasts reminds Ugen about American pornstars. Aside of that Kanako wants to know what they can do til tommorrow. Ugen suggests they wait until it gets dark.

Akira's Pyramid Party slowly walks into the room. The girls are screaming of the dead bodies.


Introducted Characters

Duo, Heero, Quatre


  • Sygdommen til Døden is danish, and means The Sickness Unto Death

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