The Dark Room
Translated Title

The Dark Room

English Title

The Dark Room

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Sygdommen til Døden
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira hears Rion's scream and heads down the garbage shaft to save her. At the lower level Akira's Pyramid Group encounters a seal door.

Full Summary

Rion shines her Flashlight around until she sees the Diatryma behind her. The group hear Rion's scream. Akira wants to dive into the cute, but he was stopped by Kairi. After calming down, Akira requires Kairi's jacket. Akira uses two jackets to slide down fast without causing him harm. The speed from sliding sends Akira flying in the air and lands in a dump. Akira crawls out and calls for Rion. Rion is hiding behind a wall. She points the Diatryma in front of them. Akira instinctly covers Rion, but he notices something odd about the bird. He moves slowly toward the Diatryma and touches the bird. It seems the Diatryma is actually a dummy. Akira calls the group to come down. The group feel relieve that Rion is alright. Shizuka comes back on time. Mami is still injured, so she will remain here. Ryouichi offers to stay behind too. In the end Mami chooses Kairi to stay by her side. The rest of the group climbs down one by one. Akira and Rion show the group of the Diatryma's dummy. They head toward the door where Rion found it first. Akira opens the door and finds the tunnel empty. They walk for a while until they find the elevator crashing into the tunnel. Ryouichi yells out from something. Behind the elevator they see another door. It has 2 cameras and a cornea scanner. Akira was about to open the door when he notices something on the door. After cleaning it up, they see a biohazard warning sign.



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