Translated Title


English Title


Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

A Secret Garden
The Dark Room
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Rion heads down the garbage shaft to explore the area. Meanwhile Shizuka finds something odd in the garden of Eden

Full Summary

Rion slowly climbs down the chute. Akira stays at the opening to shine a light toward Rion. The group will wait for Rion to climb down first. Shizuka asks Akira to lend her the Flashlight. Akira thinks she is heading to the toilet. Shizuka heads back toward the darkness. Rion is descending at her own pace. Akira and Mami watch as Rion's Flashlight gets dimmer and dimmer. Akira gets flashbacks how he has changed since on the island. Rion has been climbing down for a very long time, but she hasn't seen the bottom yet. After a while she sees some light beneath her.

Shizuka is back at the furniture. She looks around and finds a odd ball. At the nearby area she finds more of the same ones. Judging from the sticks and balls, Shizuka comes up with a shocking conclusion.

Rion is out of the chute. All she needs to do, is landed down on the floor like an athlete. Rion lands succesfully and quickly scouts her surrounding. Using her Flashlight she manages to find the incinerator. At a corner she find a door. Unbeknown to her, a Diatryma is watching her.



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