A Secret Garden
Translated Title

A Secret Garden

English Title

A Secret Garden

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Strange Plants
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Pyramid Party finds themselves in a garden full of fruits.

Full Summary

The group is surprised of the news. Aya agrees with Akira after eating a mushroom-like. They search around the garden for similiar fruits from above. Akira and Rion recognise the infamous red Berries that caused several deaths. All these plants grow in one place remind Akira and Kairi about the Garden of Eden myth. Shizuka has a guess what this facility really is. Akira's Pyramid Party resume their search. They find nothing special except furniture that has covered up by the plants. Mami recalls the staircase should be around here. Akira finds it first, but it is blocked by the debris. They are stuck on this level. Next to Rion and Mami, Akira sees something on the wall. He requires Aya's stick to uncover the wall. The group watch as Akira uncover an garbage chute. Shizuka explains the garbage chute to the group. The chute goes to the bottom. Aya offers to go down first. After playing rock-paper-scissor, Rion wins the game. She will go down first while she encourages the rest to search the surrounding area.



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