Strange Plants
Translated Title

Strange Plants

English Title

Strange Plants

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Deeply Deeply
A Secret Garden
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Pyramid Party descends to the bottom of the liftshaft where Akira is waiting for them along with the mysterious plants.

Full Summary

Akira reassures the group that he's fine. Shizuka suggests they use the cables to climb down. Ryouichi suspects Kairi will be the first to climb down until the girls convince him to be the one. Halfway through Ryouichi slips and he crashes down. Luckly Akira made a cushion bed for them to fall. One by one they arrive safely on the bottom. Akira shines the surrounding for everyone to see. It's like a forest underground. They couldn't make heads and tails about their surrounding. Kairi finds it weird due to the heavy machinery from upabove, they can only find but a forest down here. Rion finds a connection between the forest and the extinct animals. Shizuka discovers the forest doesn't need photosynthesis to grow. Akira starts to believe in Rion's claims. The group start to worry. Akira sees a fruit and eats it. Rion goes crazy about Akira's action. Akira eats it because he finds the same fruit at the surface.



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