Deeply Deeply
Translated Title

Deeply Deeply

English Title

Deeply Deeply

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Too Large
Strange Plants
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira heads down through the material lift. Shirou insists they keep digging until they find The Tower's secret.

Full Summary

Rei is filming a movie about a giant man-eating rat with her, Yasunori and Kazunari. Maya and Yuki are watching them from a distance. Rei tries to cast Yuki into the movie. Yuki isn't sure about it. Rei shows her some shots she already took. It seems the footages were taken during her bath and sleep. Maya laughs at Yuki until she sees her own in the footage. Rei feels sad after the girls have deleted the footage. Shirou, Hideo and Seigou are working nearby. Shirou insists they keep digging until they find another clue. They will find something before Akira's Pyramid Party returns.

Akira plans to go down through the material lift. The others object the idea. But they have no other choice, since Takashi has Kanako as a hostage. Inside the Pyramid Akira has a chance to solve The Island's secrets. With that argument the others go silent. Akira slowly climbs down using the slide rail. Suddenly the rail breaks of its holding and Akira crashes against the other side of the wall. Unfortunately the rail breaks on Akira's arm. It sends Akira falling into the abyss. Rion calls out his name. Akira wakes up and finds it weird that he's still alive. He shines his Flashlight at his surrounding and amazes of his discovery.


Introducted Extinct Animal



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