Dead End
Translated Title

Dead End

English Title

Dead End

Volume 2

Raft Arc

Cry Out
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Ambulocetus is attacking Rion, while Andrewsarchus is also attacking Akira and his friends.

Full Summary

Ambulocetus follows Rion to the beach. The beast sweeps her back into the ocean. When that happens, the other crisis is still at hand. Mina graps Akira by his leg telling him Andrewsarchus is coming. With the Ambulocetus by the ocean and the Andrewsarchus by land, they are trapped between two dangerous animals. Akira cannot lose his cool. He looks behind him. The Raft is still incomplete yet. But he has no choise. They need an alternate route.

Rion is in the ocean and the Ambulocetus is pursuing her. She evades the attack by a few inches. She lost sight of the animal. Coming from behind, the beast bites on her right shoulder.

Akira and Kazuma are defending them with long wooden sticks. The rest of the group are pushing the raft into the ocean. The Andrewsarchus breaks through their defense and head straight to the group. Masanori is the first one who got caught between the teeth of the beast. Everyone watch in horror as the animal swallows him whole. Something strange is going with the Andrewsarchus. It looks like it's in horrible pain. Shirou remembers Masanori had Instant Glue with him. Now they have an opening to push the raft into the ocean. The raft is now in the ocean. Everyone has climb onboard, except Akira. Akira is heading into the ocean to save Rion.

While everyone is distracted by Akira's heroic act, Mina bites Kanako's hand. Masakazu hits Kazuma with a Rock. A mutiny has happened aboard the raft. Mina and Masakazu kick the rest of the group off the raft. Kanako, Kazuma and Shirou are in the ocean. Shirou is the only one who can't swim.

Akira is diving into the ocean in search for Rion. At the bottom floor he sees Rion and the Ambulocetus. The beast sees Akira and moves to attack. Akira grabs by its whiskers and tears it out. The animal yells in pain and swims away from him. Akira grabs Rion and takes her to the surface. She has been long under the water. She is not breathing.


Deceased Characters

Masanori Tanaka


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