Too Large
Translated Title

Too Large

English Title

Too Large

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Deeply Deeply
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Pyramid Party find someone who has been dead for a long time.

Full Summary

Akira's Pyramid Party hears Mami's scream. Akira sees someone covers Mami from behind. He quickly pushes the other person away from Mami. It turns out to be a dead body. In his pocket they find a ID card that belonged to Kawase Kunuhiro. They can't find anything else useful, so they start to leave. Akira offers to carry Mami on his back. Rion offers to do that before giving Akira an evil eyes. They head deeper and deeper into the room. All they can find, are more machines that aren't working. Shizuka finds the generators here is too big for the 31 floors. She gives a few examples in Japan districts. Akira finds an area that has fallen down. They suspect an elevator for the goods. They have searched the whole room of the 4th floor and decide to head back to the door. Suddenly they hear a huge sound. Akira heads for the door and sees the whole staircase has fallen into the abyss. They are stuck on this level.

Takashi is eating some mice-like dinner. The old man reports the status of Ugen and Kanako. He hasn't seen the Akira's Pyramid Party back yet. Kubo has brought Katsuragi, Arisa, and Shiraishi into the tent. Takashi informs them that they are the next group whom will enter the Pyramid. They will enter if Akira's Pyramid Party didn't return by dawn. Takashi sends people in to find a clue to leave the island. He doesn't care who dies.

Back at The Tower, Akira's Group is making dinner. The girls are helping out with the foods. Yasunori and Kazunari are hungry. Yuki wonders how Akira is doing right now? The others start to worry also. Mariya reassures the group that they will be fine.


Introducted Extinct Animal


Deceased Characters

Kawase Kunuhiro


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