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Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

A Sense of Sin
Too Large
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group stops at level B3, where they find inside heavy industrial machinery.

Full Summary

The Akira's Pyramid Party continues to descend the staircase. Shizuka finds a weird picture on the wall. Akira sees the picture and notices a Diatryma symbol around the floor number. They recalls some extinct animals they encounter and they believe there is a connection between the animals and the Pyramid. Below the staircase they couldn't find the door that leads to B3. Suddenly the ceiling above Akira starts to fall down. They quickly walk down to avoid the falling pieces. Mami has twisted her ankle. Akira gives Rion his Flashlight in order to carry Mami down the stairs. Ryouichi is jealous of Akira until he sees the Rion's green monster face. Rion couldn't think straight so she starts to walk very fast. She slips and falls down. Her flashlight shows a door on the 4th floor. Rion opens the door with ease. Akira leaves Mami next to the door so the group can investigate the room. The room is 2 stories high. They encounter cables that leads to a heavy machinery. Akira sees Yotsubishi Heavy Industries LTD on the machine. Rion knows that's a very famous electrical company. The group is puzzled by the mystery. Suddenly they hear Mami's scream.


Introducted Company



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