A Sense of Sin
Translated Title

A Sense of Sin

English Title

A Sense of Sin

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group finds a staircase within the Pyramid. They starts to descend to the basement. Meanwhile Kanako is thrown into the jail by the people of Nishikiori's Group. The jail is already occupied by a chain smoker man.

Full Summary

Akira points his Flashlight down and sees nothing but darkness. Akira's Group finds themselves an elevator space. They couldn't come up with the answer why the Pyramid has 31 floors underground. Kairi suspects that this is a secret facility. It is used for VIPs to hide during emergency. Shizuka has another theory. She thinks the building is a nuclear testing site. The group doesn't think so. Akira searches around the area to find something. He calls out the rest to show them an emergency staircase. Together they descent the stair.

The men throw Kanako in a holding cell. They have no choice, but to obey Takashi. Kanako tries to break free of her binding, but fails. Next to her she finds old dirty rags. Suddenly the old dirty rags makes a sound. Ugen is lying on the floor. Kanako recognises him from Daigo's description. Ugen's body is suffered from multiple bruises. Kanako listens as Ugen explains how he got here. In return Kanako tells her side of the story. Ugen isn't surprised Akira is alive. Kanako lits a cigarette for Ugen and waits for rescue.

The Akira's Pyramid Party check the first and second floor doors out. Both of them are locked. They descent to the third floor. Unbeknown to Akira, a strange symbol is placed on the wall.



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