Translated Title


English Title


Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

The Way to Go
A Sense of Sin
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Daigo tells Kouichi's Group about his meeting with Akira and the others and promises to take them to the Pyramid. Meanwhile, Akira and his friend are exploring the Pyramid, and find out about its underground floors.

Full Summary

Kouichi couldn't believe that there is a doctor on The Island. Daigo tells them who he is. The girls are glad to see Motoko will be alright. Daigo warns them about the doctor evil deed. Kouichi will hear none of it, because they have no other choice. Saki believes in Kouichi. Motoko prefers they should meet up with Akira's Group at The Antenna Tower. Kouichi requests Daigo to guide them toward the doctor's camp. Motoko has a bad feeling about this.

Inside the Pyramid the Akira's Pyramid Party is watching every step they make. The walls and ceiling are dangerously fragile. Mami is worrying about Kanako. Akira reassures the group that Kanako won't be harmed. Rion points out that Miina is still loose on the outside. They have been walking for 30 minutes now. Aya thinks they are walking in a spiral tunnel. Akira pats Aya for her good thinking. Aya raises her voice for a split second. Ryouichi knows that's Aya's sensitive spot. He presses it and Aya trembles from the touch. Aya warns him not to do it again. At the end of the tunnel the Party find themselves a large hall. Akira accidently find a door. He peeps inside and sees nothing. Rion stops him from walking inside. Kairi sees something on the side. They recognise the door is actually an elevator. Akira unbury the upperside of the elevator and sees floor levels. The party are shocked to see 31 floors underground. Shirou already knew there is some secrets at the Pyramid.



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