The Way to Go
Translated Title

The Way to Go

English Title

The Way to Go

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Darkness and Death
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi's Group is searching for help for Motoko and along the way they stumble across Daigo .

Full Summary

Kouichi's Group is resting in the jungle. Motoko is hurt on her stomach. Kouichi looks at her and can't do anything about it. He uses a "knee flexion" to ease the pain. The girls don't know how to help their teacher. Kouichi doesn't know what kind of problem Motoko has. They must find a cure soon.

The next morning Saki is the first to get up. She sees Motoko sleeps very well. Kouichi bathes at a nearby pond. They gather around a big rock. Kouichi shows the girls the map of The Island. They need to decide which way they should head out. Kouichi suspects to find Akira's Group at The Antenna Tower. Also Kouichi wants Shirou to read the harddisk he found at the Lighthouse.

Kouichi carries Motoko on his arm while the girls follow after him. Makiko and Michika are watching them very close. Saki sees a turtle (Mr. Lucky) behind them. She picks it up and sees it as her dinner. Mr. Lucky runs very fast away. Saki feels bad about releasing her anger on a turtle. Motoko has one final request if she should died here. She would want Kouichi to take care of the rest. Suddenly they hear a noise on a bush. Kouichi trains his Coin at the intruder. Daigo comes out the bush and feel irritate about encounter more school children. He sets his eyes on Motoko and wonders if she is feeling sick. Saki wants him to keep out of their business. Kouichi's eyes brighten when Daigo wonders if they should visit the Doctor.


Introducted Character

Mr. Lucky


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