Darkness and Death
Translated Title

Darkness and Death

English Title

Darkness and Death

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Tower of Terror
The Way to Go
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira and Ryouichi are being tortured by Nishikiori's Group. They will stop if the rest of the party surrender themselves. Takashi has a plan for Akira and his party.

Full Summary

Takashi requests Akira and Ryouichi to go to the underground. Akira thinks Takashi wants them to get kill inside. Takashi insists it and calls Akira little liar. Akira doesn't know what he means. Takashi explains the function of a human body. Daigo must have told them about his evil deed. Takashi suspects them as spies and the others are waiting for them. Kubo wants to gather a hunting party, but Takashi has other plan. He uses his pen and hits Akira's nerve point. Akira collapses down from the pain. Someone grabs Akira from behind and Takashi points his pen on Akira's midrif. Akira refuses to talk. Takashi sets his eyes on Ryouichi. Immediately from the pain Ryouichi confesses the number of the party. Akira's Pyramid Party hears Ryouichi's scream. They start to worry about them.

Nishikiori's Group sees the Akira's Pyramid Party coming into their camp. They put their hands up and walk toward Akira. Takashi sees a person short. Ryouichi explains Daigo and Junichi were their guide. Akira hopes Miina can help them. Takashi suggests the whole group should investigate the Pyramid. Akira refuses that order. Takashi holds Kanako hostage to make them go. In the end everyone stop struggle and agree to go down. Before they leave, Kanako gives them 2 Flashlights to guide inside the dark. He wants the Akira's Pyramid Party to bring him something value in return. Akira warns Takashi not to harm Kanako while they were gone. Kubo doubts they will survive in small spaces.

Akira's Pyramid Party walks slowly into the tunnel. They come across a cave-in. Akira sees a dead body on the ground. He warns the others to walk around the dead body. Beyond that they find two other dead bodies. The wall can collapse at any moment.


Introducted Survival Item



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