Tower of Terror
Translated Title

Tower of Terror

English Title

Tower of Terror

Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Darkness and Death
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira and Ryouichi scout the Pyramid while the rest of the party stays behind hiding and Takashi comes to meet them, forcing them to go inside the Pyramid.

Full Summary

The Akira's Pyramid Party sees the Pyramid on the horizon. Shizuka estimates they will arrive in 2-3 hours. Daigo will not step any further. His deal ends here. Daigowarns them again about the doctor's power. Akira has a plan for it.

Nishikiori's Group is working hard excavating around the Pyramid. Suddenly someone see Akira and Ryouichi are walking into their camp. They feel relieved they find other people. Someone calls out to fetch Takashi. Akira looks around and sees hard labour people working very hard and tired. He recognises the Pyramid is made from the same material as The Tower. Above the Pyramid he sees an blocked entrance and another one just fresh unbury. Before he could ask about the second entrance, someone calls out his name. Katsuragi is glad to see his old friend. He leaves immediately after seeing Takashi coming this way. The other people look very dirty compare to Takashi as he walks in clean clothes. Takashi walks close to Akira and holds his finger on Akira's throat. He asks Akira who he is and why are they here? Akira explains they encounter Daigo in the jungle and they seek to join his group. Takashi reveals his fingers was to check his pulse. With no other questions Takashi welcomes Akira and Ryouichi into the group. The rest of Akira's Pyramid Party waits in a nearby hiding place. They will remain there until Akira signals for them.

Takashi explains the situation to the newcomers. They stop at the new underground entrance. Because the entrance is so small, Takashi has sent a few women to scout the tunnels inside. They reported the underground space is even bigger than the Pyramid itself. Kubo shows them a souvenir from the underground expedition. Akira has never seen the extinct animal's skull before. He wonders if the group has found other stuff also. Takashi explains the walls are extremely fragile and it is not easy to go in. There was an incident killing one person after finding the skull. Akira is shocked to hear about Takashi has not feeling about the death. Takashi requests Akira and Ryouichi to go inside the Pyramid.


Introducted Characters

Kubo, Aikawa and unknown people from Nishikiori's Group.


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