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Volume 13

Pyramid Arc

A Brief Separation
Tower of Terror
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Daigo leads part of Akira's Pyramid Party to the Pyramid, where their teacher Ugen Kokonoe is.

Full Summary

Daigo reveals the odd person is a teacher from their school. The group ask for distinguishing features of the person. Daigo describes the person until Akira recognises him as Ugen. Everyone is surprised that he is still alive. Akira describes him as the mad scientist of Meikyou Middle School. The Akira's Pyramid Party speeds up their pace.

After walking through some big trunks Akira finds it a bit hot. Ryouichi catches up with Akira and takes the lead. He wants to get home as soon as possible. Akira warns him about staying away from Rion. Ryouichi already has given up on Rion. In his mind he settles his lust on other girls. The group has walked for a day. Daigo suggests they make camp here. At night they make a small Campfire. Daigo estimates they will arrive at the Pyramid a lot sooner than later. Akira will take the first watch while the rest go to bed.

A pair of Necrolemur come to the campfire to check on Akira. Kanako and Miina join him as well. They warn him about Takashi Nishikiori and the danger they face. Kanako shows Akira her belly wound. Akira got red from it. Miina creeps from behind and reveals Kanako's breasts to Akira. Rion comes out from the darkness and drags Akira into the jungle. She accuses him being a pervert. Rion dares Akira to look at hers. In a desperate attempt Akira blinds his own eyes. Daigo is resting against a tree. He looks at the picture from his Cellphone and wonders how they will handle the situation.

Three days has passed. Daigo explains Junichi and he escape the Pyramid 3 week ago. By now the people at Nishikiori's Group should dug out much of the Pyramid. Takashi wants to discover the secret of the Pyramid. Akira sees Aya resting on top of a tree. She sees something on the horizon. The group starts to climb on top of a big boulder. Akira finally sees the tip of the Pyramid far from them.


Introducted Extinct Animal



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