A Brief Separation
Translated Title

A Brief Separation

English Title

A Brief Separation

Volume 13

Pyramid Arc

Whom Should I Choose?
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Before Akira and his party leaves the group, he will choose a new leader.

Full Summary

Akira get his new formed group hype up. Everyone yell to start their journey. Seigou isn't very sure that Akira picks the right people. He prefers Akira takes Shirou and Maya with him. Akira is sure of his group. He explains everyone's best qualities to Seigou. They will head out in 3 hours.

Akira returns to his tent to pack up. Shirou comes in to talk about the Pyramid. He doesn't believe the Pyramid is a hanger. The Tower contains many secrets and Shirou intends to uncover it. But he also thinks the Pyramid might hold even more incredible than planes inside. If they solve both the towers, they will come closer to solving the mystery of The Island. Shirou warns him to be careful before leaving the tent. Daigo warns the party that the journey will take at least a week. They should say goodbyes to everyone. Junichi will stay behind while Daigo was chosen to guide the group. Before leaving Akira asks the remaining people to select a new leader temporary. The group couldn't make up their minds. Akira selects Shirou as their acting leader. Everyone agree to Akira's choice. Shirou loses his word of choice. The new Akira's Pyramid Party turn to look back to the group one last time before heading to the Pyramid.

In the jungle they stumble across a Mammuthus Imperator. The group is curious about the ancient elephant. Akira asks if Daigo saw any students from Meikyou Middle School. He recalls 3 students from the uniforms and one odd person.


Introducted Extinct Animal

Mammuthus Imperator


  • Akira's school has finally revealed as Meikyou Middle School.

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