Whom Should I Choose?
Translated Title

Whom Should I Choose?

English Title

Whom Should I Choose?

Volume 13

Pyramid Arc

A Brief Separation
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira is determined to find the other group. But he prefers he goes with a smaller group.

Full Summary

Akira asks for volunteers to join his party. Everyone put up their hands. With no other choice Akira annouces, he will pick his party members in the morning. Everyone disperse into their tent. It's night. Everyone is sleeping except Akira. Seigou couldn't sleep, gets up to take a piss. He sees Akira sitting alone on a rock. When Seigou gets closer to Akira, he sees names written on the sand. Akira couldn't decide who he will pick to his party. Seigou understands the group prefers to go with Akira. Akira doesn't think so. Another issue occurs Seigou involving the doctor Takashi. Seigou believes the illness was caused by the doctor himself. He prefered Akira chooses his people carefully. All the sudden Seigou realised, he needs to take a piss. Before leaving Seigou reminds Akira about "Semui" and Takashi might be the opposite of it. With that thought Akira heads toward his tent to sleep. In his mind Akira tries to select the best people to go with him.

The next morning Akira annouces he will pick his party members by using draw lots. Kanako and Miina will go with him certainly because of their recent belly wound and eye vision. Everyone pick one, but in the end Shizuka, Ryouichi, Rion, Mami, Kairi and Aya are chosen. The others are pissed that they didn't get pick. Akira asks the remaining people to explore The Tower further while they were gone. Seigou couldn't believe that Akira pick these people to go with him.



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