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Volume 2

Raft Arc

Hell's Bosshead
Dead End
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The Andrewsarchus approaches the beach and an Ambulocetus appears from the sea.

Full Summary

Akira, Kazuma and Rion are hurrying back to the beach. They need to tell the others about their new discovery. When they arrive at the beach, Kazuma quickly takes a cheap shot on Masakazu's face. Rion tells the group about their discovery. Akira stops Kazuma from hitting Masakazu further. They need to work together to finish the Raft on time. With that said Kazuma breaks away from the group and walks away alone. Akira goes after him. Akira and Kazuma are all alone now at a nearby beach. Kazuma and Masakazu used to be childhood buddies. Masakazu ditched him because of his grades sank. Since then they have amended their friendship.

The rest of the group continue to work on the raft. After a while Akira and Kazuma return to the group. Kazuma seems to have calm down. Shirou, Mina, Masakazu and Masanori are forming new idea against the Andrewsarchus. Shirou shots down every ideas, except Masakazu's. They could restrain Andrewsarchus' mouth. Kanako also has an idea. They could just swim over. Shirou counters it is too far for a person to swim over.

Akira and Rion were working together until Masanori comes to help them out. He is trying to hit on Rion. He even offer his uniform jacket to tie the rope. Mina shows up and requests Masakazu and Masanori to come with her for a moment. They are in the jungle. She suspects that Akira's Group is lying to them about the Andrewsarchus. Something is creeping behind Masakazu. As he turns to look, his face is just the same as the other two: Shocking.

At the beach Akira's group hear the screams. Akira and Kazuma head toward the screams and Akira suggests Rion and Kanako to run toward the ocean. They are trekking through the jungle in search for their friends. They smell something and see Masakazu got caught by the Andrewsarchus by his jacket. Masanori and Mina are lying on the ground helplessly. Akira and Kazuma jump into action. Kazuma restrains its mouth and Akira slides and saves Masakazu from the Andrewsarchus. Kazuma's hold on the mouth of the beast doesn't last very long. The beast swings Kazuma on the ground. Now everyone is freed from the animal they run toward the beach.

Upon arrival at the beash, Akira yells to Shirou, Rion and Kanako to run toward the ocean. The Andrewsarchus is still running behind them. Shirou, Rion and Kanako are now in the ocean. They encourage them to run faster. Underneath Rion swims another danger toward her. Rion got knock off her feet. As she dives into the water she sees who did that to her. It was an Ambulocetus.


Introducted Extinct Animals



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