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Volume 13

Pyramid Arc

Whom Should I Choose?
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The strangers shows proof that their group lives somewhere in a man-made building. Their tale since the incident reveals itself.

Full Summary

Akira's Group hears about a monster controlling the people over there. Ryouichi wants to know about the Pyramid. They untied Daigo and Junichi. Shirou was surprised that 50 people manage to survive in one place. Daigo reveals they had a strong leader back then. He shows Akira a picture of Watanabe and his daughter. Watanabe felt that it was dangerous to stay in one place, so they kept moving around the island. A month later they found the Pyramid. The Pyramid was mostly buried underground. They started excavating the site and the surrounding. Nearby the Pyramid they found asphalt. It led them to the conclusion of a runaway. Akira and Shirou are stunned by the discovery. Junichi suspects the Pyramid is a hanger. Daigo thinks there's maybe a plane inside the Pyramid. Takashi suggests they should go there. Akira feels something is not right here. Why aren't Daigo and Junichi over there to help them unbury the Pyramid? Daigo reveals the monster Takashi Nishikiori kills their former leader Watanabe. He shows the group a picture of Takashi observing the excavation. Takashi turns out to be a doctor. On the tenth day of excavation an illness epidemic struck the group except Takashi. Takashi asked everyone to swear their loyalty to him if they wished to be saved. Many swore immediately. Takashi left Watanabe and his daughter to die, even Watanabe swore in his loyalty. Daigo and Junichi had it enough and left the group. The others were made slaves and had to work to death by him. Akira hears Daigo's story and still decides to investigate the Pyramid. He asks for volunteers for his party.


Introducted Characters

Nishikiori Takashi

Deceased Characters

Watanabe, Watanabe's Daughter


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