Translated Title


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Volume 13

Pyramid Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The strangers hold Miina hostage. The other Miina will attempt to free her.

Full Summary

Daigo wants to exchange of information. Akira's Group doesn't truly believe him. Daigo teases a hint about another tower. Shirou wants to know more about the other one. Akira looks around for confirmation and eventually agrees to the deal. Daigo and Junichi are shocked of the news. Akira introduces Miina to them. Miina has a bad feeling about the newcomers. Daigo demands answers from the little girl, but Akira explains Miina suffers from amnesia. Daigo doesn't believe her claim and advances toward her. Maya blocks Daigo's way. Daigo plays dirty and kicks her stomach. Junichi sneaks from behind and holds Miina hostage. Miina loses her grip on her Sketch Book and it falls down. Daigo picks it up and notices the extinct animal drawings inside. They leave the base with Miina in tow. Akira tried to formulate a rescue plan when he notices the other Miina is missing. The others don't know where he is.

Miina follows Daigo and Junichi from a distance. He is very lucky that he's so small to be noticed from the adults. The adults put enough distance between them and the base. Daigo holds Miina against the tree. He demands answers from Miina. He makes a small cut on her neck. Junichi tries to reason with Daigo of his action. They fled from "him" because they didn't like his behavior. The other Miina sneaks from behind and kick Junichi between the legs. Miina challenges Daigo for a fight. Daigo lets go of Miina and attacks the other one. Miina manages to block a few Daigo's attacks, but in the end Daigo kicks him down. Rei comes from behind and hit Daigo's head. They bring them back to camp and tied them up again.

Akira doesn't believe in Daigo's another Tower story. Junichi introduces themselves to Akira's Group. Daigo tells Akira to look at his Cellphone. Akira, Shirou and Rion were shocked when they see a picture of a Pyramid. Daigo reveals a monster is controlling the people there.



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