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Volume 13

Pyramid Arc

Jelly Beans
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Daigo Yashiro and Junichi Mutou arrive to The Tower and Shirou shows to Akira the map he had made of the island.

Full Summary

Daigo is resting against a tree while Junichi is sitting on top looking for something. Suddenly he sees something on the horizon. Junichi calls Daigo up to see the object. It's the Tower.

Shirou explains Akira how he knew the Tower is the center of the island. By using Makoto's Video Camera Shirou shows images reflecting lights at certain points. On his laptop he expolorates the lightpoints and creates a image of the island. Akira wonders if that means something. There's animal traps surrounds the Tower, Miina's name on a plate and it lies at the center of the island. Shirou doesn't believes in coincidence. Their talk comes to an close when Rion calls out for them. The girls are feasting from the fish. Akira and Shirou hurry back before the fish is gone.

At night the girls return to the oase for a swim. Aya notices they're being watched. Maya has it enough and calls out the perverts. Daigo and Junichi come out from the shadow. Aya and Maya quickly put on their clothes and defeat the intruders with ease. They tied the men up and call the rest of the group. Akira demands why they were sneaking on them. They refuse to talk and Maya has her way of making them to talk. Tooru and Kanako try to reason with them, but it fail. Akira suggests to let them sleep a night over. At night Daigo and Junichi free themselves using Daigo's Knife. They investigate the Tower and find Miina's plate. Akira's Group was waiting for them to find the plate out. Akira purposely left the knife alone for them to escape. Daigo remains calm and offers a trade of information.


Introducted Characters

Daigo Yashiro, Junichi Mutou


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