Jelly Beans
Translated Title

Jelly Beans

English Title

Jelly Beans

Volume 13

Lighthouse Arc

A Map
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Motoko has suddenly fallen ill. Kouichi needs to find a way to cure her. Shirou finds something interesting at the The Tower.

Full Summary

Saki confesses her love to Kouichi, but she couldn't finish her sentence. Kouichi hears Makiko and Michika cries for help. Immediately he heads toward the voices and leaves Saki behind. Kouichi find Motoko lying on the floor. Makiko and Michika explain what's happening to Motoko. Kouichi checks Motoko out, but he couldn't find anything wrong. He hopes it's not brain related. Saki finally arrives at the scene. Kouichi scolds Motoko in the hope she will wake up. Motoko opens her eyes. Michika feels relieve and turns to see Saki's reaction. But she isn't there.

Saki hurries down the staircase. She trips and hit her head. Her first confession failed because of Motoko. Saki heads to the gate and moves the barricade away. A Rodhocetus jumps out of the water and attacks her. Kouichi grabs her hand and kicks the Rodhocetus' head. The gate is quickly slammed shut. Kouichi scolds Saki for not thinking about the danger outside. Saki tries to explain, but she couldn't finish her sentence. Kouichi stops her for blaming herself. They head back to the staircase. Saki wonders if Kouichi and Motoko are a couple. Kouichi says nothing. He explains the history of his youth. Motoko reminds him of his late mother (aunt). Saki finally knows the truth.

The next morning the tide has gone. Kouichi's Group can walk on swallow water to the beach. Motoko still doesn't know the mystery of the dead body, super computer and the purpose of the Lighthouse. Kouichi knows for the fact the Lighthouse was built for something that needed very advanced and complicated calculation to be performed. Also he found a Map. It has three others towers. If they visit the others towers, they might find a way home. Kouichi is still worry about Motoko's health. Kouichi decides they will head toward The Special Tower.

Rion is cooking a Cheirolepis. Akira and the others seem afraid of eating that ugly fish. Akira notices Shirou sitting alone on a rock. He tells him it's dinner time. Shirou used Makoto's Video Camera footage and expolorates the images into his map. He can conclude that the Tower is exact center of the island.



  • Kyoko was mentioned in Ch 14, but she first appears in this chapter.

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