A Map
Translated Title

A Map

English Title

A Map

Volume 13

Lighthouse Arc

A Mysterious Lady
Jelly Beans
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi's Group unlocks a door and finds some clues of the Lighthouse. Motoko's condition starts to take its toll.

Full Summary

Kouichi's Group return to the third floor. Motoko notices there's hardly any room here. They find the 303 door. Kouichi inserts the key, but it won't turn. The lock is rusted. Saki blames Kouichi for broken the door. Kouichi gives another try and the door opens. The girls are happy to see the inside until they see a group of Ichthyornis nesting in the room. They shoo the birds away to the window. Kouichi looks around and find a super computer processer. The girls are surprised of the discovery. He estimates the thing was made 50 years ago. Saki wonders where's the people now. Kouichi breaks open the computer and takes out the harddisk. It might some use to them in the future. They search around for more clues. Motoko finds an ID card on the floor. Michika recognises the woman in the picture with the dead body. Before they leave, Motoko notices a piece of paper on the wall. He turns the paper and sees a map of an island. The map shows them how Kouichi travels his path from the mountain to the Lighthouse. Kouichi's Group looks closely and notices there are four different towers on the island. Makiko wonders if they are going to check out the other towers. Michika suggests they search around once more. Saki finds a piece of paper at the Ichthyornis' nest. The group splits into group to search the other floors. Kouichi and Saki can't find a open door. Saki confronts Kouichi about his relationship with Motoko. Out of nowhere Saki confesses his love to Kouichi. Makiko, Michika and Motoko are walking on a floor. Michika wonders if there is a company involved. Motoko sees SPIRAL on the bottom of the ID card. Makiko and Michika were discussing Jennifer Hackmen's dead body until Michika turns to see Motoko lying on the floor. They rush to Motoko's aid and cry for help.



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