A Mysterious Lady
Translated Title

A Mysterious Lady

English Title

A Mysterious Lady

Volume 13

Lighthouse Arc

A Tower at the Shore
A Map
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi's Group is searching within the Lighthouse. Inside a barrel they found someone dead.

Full Summary

Kouichi's Group searches around the stairway. All they find are rubbish. Kouichi looks closely to the wall and find traces of ocean tide lines. It explains the stuff get wash away and smells bad. Motoko wonders what Kouichi means about the purpose of the Lighthouse. He doesn't think a Lighthouse would need a lot of rooms. On their way to the second floor Kouichi explains the true purpose of the Lighthouse is to mark ships their positions. They emits light to guide ships to their path. Saki, Kouichi and Makiko find out that all the doors on the second floor are locked. With no other choice Kouichi suggests they head to the top first. On their way to the top, Motoko feels lightheaded and stumbles against Saki. The stair reel breaks loose. Kouichi sprint into action and grabs Motoko. He tells Saki to grab his leg while he held his hand on the stair. Saki manages to swing to the level below them. Kouichi scolds Motoko for not being careful. Motoko immediately apologises for that. Saki is bit mad at Kouichi for saving Motoko first instead of her. They resume their ascending. Makiko is the first to see light at the top. The girls make guesses in what way they will use to make a signal. Kouichi is quiet on that subject. When they reach the top, they see nothing of a signal. Kouichi knew the building isn't a Lighthouse since it was too big. The girls feel despair of finding rescue. Motoko tries to cheer them up. In a corner Kouichi notices a bell. From the ceiling on top he notices the bell was once hung above. Saki finds something strange and calls for Kouichi. They find a barrel sealed shut. Kouichi kicks it open and a mummified woman falls out. Kouichi's Group is horrified of a corpse. Kouichi and Motoko explain to the girls how to perserve a body for many years. Kouichi notices something shiny on the corpse's mouth. He picks a key out of the mouth. It has a number on it.


Deceased Character

Jennifer Hackmen


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