A Tower at the Shore
Translated Title

A Tower at the Shore

English Title

A Tower at the Shore

Volume 12

Lighthouse Arc

A Mysterious Lady
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi's Group arrives at the Lighthouse and starts investigating it.

Full Summary

Saki can't believe a Lighthouse would be here. Motoko estimates 50 meter away from them. Kouichi wants to investigate it and tells Motoko to stay on the shore. Makiko and Michika can't believe Kouichi is swimming over there. Motoko protests and starts swimming over there. Saki watches with anger and decides to go with them. When Kouichi catches his breath he sees Motoko gaining distance from him. She swims very fast using a old way from his late uncle. Kouichi looks very pissed when Motoko told him to hurry up. Suddenly Motoko dives into the ocean. Kouichi finds it strange and dives into the ocean to find her. Inside the water he find her holding her cramp leg. Holding in his arms, they come ashore at the Lighthouse. Kouichi estimates the building is 15 meter tall or more. From the look of the windows, Motoko estimates at least 6 stories high. Kouichi finds it odd that someone would build a Lighthouse middle of nowhere unless there is more than one. Saki, Makiko and Michika arrive at the Lighthouse also. Saki's eyes fixed at the odd couple before her. The girls leave their clothes on a rock to dry up. Makiko wonders if it's really a Lighthouse? Saki suggests they climb up and send a signal. Makiko changes the subject to Kouichi and Motoko. She wonders if they are a couple. Michika thinks there's definitely something there. Saki doesn't believe that since they are teacher and student in the first place. Michika and Makiko tease Saki about what they would do in such situation. Not far from them a Rodhocetus slowly comes to land.

Kouichi and Motoko find an entrance. Motoko tries to open it, but it is stuck. Kouichi looks closely and sees black rust. They can't break it. Kouichi notices something on the ground. He compares the ground sample to the mountain's sample and it's the same. The land on the Lighthouse is also man-made. Behind them the girls are screaming for help. A group of Rodhectus is chasing after them. They are pinned against the wall. Kouichi suggests one of them will have to die. Saki and Motoko don't like the idea. With no other choice Kouichi kicks the gate. He continues to kick until the gate falls down. The girls hurry inside and Kouichi puts the gate back to its place. They barricade the gate with what they can find in the nearby area. The Rodhocetuses continue to try to get in, but the gate holds its ground. Kouichi looks around and wonders where they are. They see a stairway.


Introducted Extinct Animal



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