Translated Title


English Title


Volume 12

Animal Battle Arc, Lighthouse Arc

A Soliloquy
A Tower at the Shore
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Heavy discussion within the group whether they would leave the island. At night while on patrol Seigou tells something important to Akira.

Full Summary

Akira's Group starts to freak out from the words of the pilot. Seigou and Kanako try to calm the people down. Makoto solves the pilot's riddle. The pilot probably said the words, because he saw the whole island before landing down. Maya still doesn't care. They have been on the island for more than two months. Perhaps they are already too late to leave. Ryouichi freaks out and scares the group of no leaving the island. Akira try to calm him until they hears a noise. Kanako was hungry. Tooru suggests they take a break and eat. They head back to the river to catch some fishes.

At the Campfire, Kanako and Rei are grilling a fish. Yuki and Takashi wonder if the fishes are edible. Akira grabs one and bites it. The others follows his example. Rion talks how much they have changed since on the island. Akira agrees also. Airi and Kairi reveal their birthdays is next month. They want to spend their time with their mother. Others also set a goal for something to return except Yuki. Rei and Kanako tell the group the fishes are done grilling.

Akira and Seigou go on a patrol along the fence. They find nothing so they head back to the tents. Seigou is astonised of the student's dreams. Akira reveals his dream to have everyone to be safe. Seigou notices Akira has changed a bit. People like Akira would get them leave the island. Seigou explains the meaning semui to Akira. It means saving people. And that is the name of Akira's strength. Akira wonders if all that's happening, has a connection. Seigou agrees also, but he couldn't find any evidence. Akira wonders what Kouichi is doing right now. He believes Kouichi might found out the evidence to his claim.

On a rocky shore Kouichi's Group couldn't believe it that they would find something like a Lighthouse.



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