A Soliloquy
Translated Title

A Soliloquy

English Title

A Soliloquy

Volume 12

Animal Battle Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

A recall of events Akira's Group had encountered on the island.

Full Summary

The group is arguing about Miina's name on the plate. Yasunori believes her parents makes them guinea pigs in an experiment. Takashi stops him before it got out of hands. Luckly Shirou explains in a calm state that it's highly unlikely the culprit would leave evidence behind. Shirou can't read the second line of the plate, it would have explained the Miina's name. Kanako has a feeling she could read the second line, but she doubts it.

Akira orders everyone to gather around The Tower. Maya tells Akira that the last two have arrived. Shirou tells everyone the situation they are in and the people whom already have died. Akira's Group has gathered members from various groups. Akira intends to share all their knowledge and information together in order to find a way home. Akira recalls the plane flight from Guam to Japan. Everyone join in where they were on the plane. The Plane crashes on the island. Shirou reveals on his Laptop that their island isn't on any maps. Makoto's Group doesn't know that fact since they were the last group to join in. Rei points out the weird animals living on the island. Shirou softly reveals the animals they encounter on the island, lived in very different eras. He suggests the island is actually a zoo. Yuki wonders why there aren't people living here despite plenty of foods and water supply. Shirou has no answer to that. Akira knows Morita had surveyed the island from the top of mountain. Makoto used his Video Camera to view of the island, but he didn't see any other man-made structure other than the Tower. Miina remembers another man-made structure. It was the time when they fell into a Limestone Cavern: The human-faces on the wall. He found three faces look-a-like. Rion adds also to the group how they survive from a plane crash without no deaths. From all the talks Seigou reveals he had a private chat with the pilot on the first day. Masaru Tsuchiya wanted the passengers to leave as soon as possible. The group discusses what the meaning of it.



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