Translated Title


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Volume 12

Animal Battle Arc

A Soliloquy
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

While excavating The Tower, Akira's Group finds a plate with coordinants and a name of an island.

Full Summary

A week has passed since Akira's Group defeated the animals. Yasunori and Kazunari are helping out building the fence. Yasunori notices Kazunari's mood has changed. He wants to know what's wrong with Kazunari. All Kazunari could say is boobs. During the battle with the animals Kazunari accidently saw Kanako's boobs. Kazunari describs Kanako's boobs in great details. Yasunori bleeds his nose from the imagination. They were arguing about the boobs until Kanako comes by. Immediately they focus their concern about Kanako's health. Kanako wants to help, because if they work together, then they will be done in no time.

Akira and his friends resume their excavation work. Akira is concerned about Rion's shoulder. Rion is fine with that. She wants to help out and perhaps they might find something. Akira agrees with her. He hopes they may find a way home. Not far from them, Akira hears some argument between the two Miinas. The real Miina is chasing after Miina. Shirou finds the real Miina just a little intriguing. Especially how she knew about the weaknesses of animals in her Sketch Book. On top of that the girl has amnesia. Miina falls down and pees in his pant. The real Miina laughs at that. Akira looks at Miina and sees nothing but a normal girl.

Rei and Tooru are also working at the fence. Tooru wonders how the girl got amnesia. It's quite a rare case. Hideo joins in the conversation. He's met the girl before coming to the island. A year ago Hideo was invited to the Isurugi's mansion where he meets Yoshimi Isurugi. Miina was always at his grandfather's side the whole time. She got the best possible tutors to give her a special education meant for gifted children. The Isurugi Empire has their hands in mechanics, IT, medical and military fields. Hideo doesn't truly believe in Miina's amnesia.

Akira has it enough with the Miinas hovering around him. They leave after Akira hit Miina (fake) on his head. Yuki comes to see Akira. She and her group find something at The Tower. Akira and the others gather around the Tower. Maya explains the situation to Akira. Her group find a plate at the base of the Tower. After washing the plate with water, words becomes visible. Shirou recogises the words in letters. Akira reads the letters into the word Miina Isurugi. All heads turn toward Miina.



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