Restoration of Chalicotherium

Era Cenozoic
Period Late Oligocene - Lower Pliocene
Living Period 16 Million - 7.75 Million years ago
Region Europe, Asia and Africa
Size Height: 2-3m
Synonyms Macrotherium, Butleria
First Appearance Chapter 62


Chalicotherium is a genus of extinct browsing odd-toed ungulates of the order Perissodactyla and family Chalicotheriidae. This animal would look much like other chalicotheriid species: an odd looking herbivore with long clawed forelimbs and stouter weight bearing hindlimbs.

Chalicotherium, like many members of Perissodactyla, was adapted to browsing, though uniquely adapted to do so among its ungulate relatives. Its arms were long and heavily clawed, allowing them to walk on their knuckles only. The arms were used to reach for high branches and bring them close to its short-faced head to strip them clean of leaves. The horse-like head itself shows adaptation to a diet of soft vegetation, since, as the animal reached sexual maturity, the incisors and upper canines were shed, suggesting that its muscular lips and the resulting gum pads were enough to crop fodder which was then processed by squarish, low-crowned molars.

Shirou's History Fact

A giant Herbivorous mammal who knuckle-walked like gorillas by placing the back of their hands on the ground. They liked forests, and it is believed that they either lived alone or in small herds. With much longer forefeet and long claws compared to its hind legs. It would reel in and feed on the leaves of soft branches and new sprouts. Its claws could also be used for attacking predators, making it a formidable enemy.


Fight or Flight arc

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