Restoration of Basilosaurus

Era Cenozoic
Period Late Eocene
Living Period 40 – 34 Million years ago
Region Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic, etc
Size Head: 1,8m; 18 - 25 m long
Synonyms King Lizard, Zeuglodon
First Appearance Chapter 12


Basilosaurus was highly elongated. It accomplished this through an unparalleled elongation of its vertebrae, and has been described as being the closest a whale ever came to a snake. It is also believed to have had unusual locomotion, compared with all other cetaceans; similarly sized thoracic, lumbar, sacral and caudal vertebrae imply that Basilosaurus moved in an anguilliform (eel-like) fashion, only vertically. The skeletal anatomy of the tail suggests that a small fluke was probably present, which would have only aided vertical motion. Most reconstructions show a small, speculative dorsal fin similar to a rorqual whale’s, but other reconstructions show a dorsal ridge.

The whale also possessed small, 0.6 meter (2 ft) hind limbs, which clearly cannot aid locomotion on a 15-22 meter (50-72 foot) animal. Analysis has shown that the reduced limbs could only snap between two positions. They appear similar to the reduced legs used as copulatory guides on boas, and might have been used in the same manner.

The vertebrae of the whale appear to have been hollow, and it is likely that they were fluid filled as well. This would imply that Basilosaurus typically only functioned in two dimensions at the sea's surface, compared with the three dimensional habit of most other cetaceans. Judging from the relatively weak axial musculature and the thick bones in the limbs, Basilosaurus is not believed to have been capable of sustained swimming or deep diving. It is also believed that the primitive whale was incapable of terrestrial locomotion.

The head of Basilosaurus did not have room for a melon like modern day toothed whales, and the brain was smaller in comparison as well. It is believed that they therefore did not have the social capabilities of modern whales. At one point of time it was believed that Basilosaurus had some sort of armor plating, but it was likely the misidentification of turtle shells.

Shirou's History Fact

Very similiar to the modern day whale. It had a long snake-like body, front freet like paddles, tiny hind feet, and lived in shallow waters. It was a predator that fed on fish and underwater mammals. When its fossils were first discovered, it was thought to be a dinosaur. That's why it was named the Basilsaurus (the king of lizards).


Raft arc

Mina Mukouda and Masakazu Yoshimoto hijacked the Raft for themselves and headed toward the 'other island'. Upon arrival they only saw a big rock middle in the lake, and after admitting for their mistake, the Basilsaurus soared from the water and bit the Raft into pieces.

Cursed Mountain arc

The name Basilsaurus was mentioned after Akira Sengoku discovers that the ocean was actually a tiny inlet.

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