Restoration of Arsinoitherium

Era Cenozoic
Period Late Eocene - Early Oligocene
Living Period 36 – 30 Million years ago
Region Northern Africa
Size Height: 1.8m and 3m long
Synonyms Arsinoitherium zitteli
First Appearance Chapter 13


When alive, it would have superficially resembled a rhinoceros. The most noticeable feature of Arsinoitherium was a pair of enormous knife-like horns with cores of solid bone that projected from above the nose, and a second pair of tiny, knob-like horns on top of the head, immediately behind the larger horns. The skeleton is robust but shows that it was descended from a cursorial ancestor, and that the beast may have been able to run if it had to, like a modern elephant or rhinoceros. Its limb bones also suggest that the columnar legs of the living animal were elephant-like (especially since they ended in five-toed feet), rather than rhinoceros-like. Arsinoitherium had a full complement of 44 teeth, which is the primitive state of placental mammalian dentition, suggesting that it was a selective browser. The large size and hefty build of Arsinoitherium would have rendered it largely immune to predation. However, creodonts may have preyed on the young or infirm.

Shirou's History Fact

A herbivore which looked like a rhinoceros even though it belonged to a different family. It's closer to the manatee family of elephant seals or the dugong. It lived in swampy land, spending most of its life in water like a hippopotamus. Its horns are hollow and aren't as heavy as they may seem. They were used for calling out and there is no evidence showing them being used in battle.


Epidemic arc

An sick Arsinoitherium rose up suddenly from the lake while Akira's Group was camping nearby. It walked pass Akira Sengoku and only ate the Berries. It went to sleep afterward.

After Akira's Group and Kouichi's Group are sick except Akagami Rion, the sick Arsinoitherium woke up and headed back to the lake. It was drowning and eventually die. At that moment Akira discovered the truth behind the Arsinoitherium's condition. It was sick and had the same disease as his group.

Akira and Rion head out and find a group of Arsinoitherium. The Arsinoitheriums were eating the Berries also, but next to the plant there lies another kind of plant. An Arsinoitherium is about to charge against Rion and Akira, but it was stopped by a Coin. Kouichi Yarai also figures out what caused the disease and the cure. Kouichi grabbed a handful of the White Flowers before leaving the Arsinoitheriums alone.

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