Argentavis Magnificens

Restoration of Argentavis Magnificens

Era Cenozoic
Period Late Miocene
Living Period 6 Million Years Ago - 2009
Region South America
Size Height: 3,5m; weight: 800kg
Synonyms Giant Teratorn, Argentavis Magnificens
First Appearance Chapter 47


Argentavis appears as a massive bird with a lot of its size consisting of its massive wings. It has black and white feathers on its wings and most of its chest area is composed of white fur. The Argentavis has a thick coat of white feathers around its neck and its long neck is coloured blood red. It has red eyes and a light gray coloured beak. Its scaled legs are coloured yellow.

Shirou's History Fact

The largest flying bird in history. Like a glider, once it reached high altitude, it could ride ascending air currents and stay in flight for long distances. From the shape of its beak, it is thought that it fed on tainted meat, similiar to the modern day condor. Back in the Miocene Era, you could probably see Argentavis circling the skies of the plains in Argentina searching for corpses of large mammals.


Argentavis arc

Before the Argentavis went to the School Camp, they were seen eating a Bos Primigenius on a mountain terrain. One Argentavis saw the camp and flew closer to it. Ryouichi Suzuki and his girlfriend Sanae Kashiwagi were outside when the Argentavis grabbed Ryouichi and flew up and dropped him on the ground. The Argentavis caused Akira's Group to panic as they haven't encounter an ancient gigantic flying animal before. The ancient bird didn't stay very long. It took off to call for its friends.

The second attack of the Argentavis caused a huge panic attack in Akira's Group. It led to the death of Shimazu bitten by the Argentavis. A few students tried to fend the attackers off, but the birds were too strong to repel. Akira Sengoku attracted the Argentavis in order to save his friends. With his sacrifice act a few male students rose up and fought back the Argentavis. In the end they chased the birds off. Unknown to the students the Argentavis left something behind that are far worse then themselves. They carry some Ancient Ticks on their bodies. During the attack the ancient ticks were spread inside the camp.

The next morning the Argentavis found Akira's Group at the river. Everyone was fighting for their lives. During the attack Shirou Mariya saw a weakness of the bird. He suggested to Akira to pierce them through the chest. Soon after Maya Miyauchi followed Akira's example and pierced a piece of wood into the Argentavis' chest. The other Argentavis saw the death of its friend and immediately flied away.

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