Ancient Ticks

Ancient Ticks

Era Unknown
Period Unknown
Living Period Unknown
Region Unknown
Synonyms Unknown
First Appearance Chapter 51


Shirou Mariya didn't classify what kind of Ancient Ticks there are. But he called them at one time poisonous ticks. He referred them like the paralysis tick in Australia. If a person is bitten by one of them, a neurotoxin is released into the body that will eventually lead to a condition called tick paralysis. Muscles and nerves will go flaccid, and the person won't even be able to move. Serious cases lead to breathing difficulties and eventually death. If an ancient tick sucked a high quantity of blood they could grow up to 200 times their normal size.

Shirou's History Fact

No information is released during the Encyclopedia of Extinct Animals. But he did call them Ancient Ticks.


Argentavis arc

Shirou believed that the Argentavis brought the Ancient Ticks during their second attack. They went on such a rampage on the School Camp that the base was filled with poisonous ticks. At first Akira's Group didn't notice the danger until the next morning. It led to the deaths of Murata, Ken Tanaka, Matsushita, and Takao Sugimasa. Maya Miyauchi was the first to discover the Ancient Tick next to the body of Takao. After Shirou found out, he ordered everyone to head into the river and clean themselves off.

After the third and final battle with the Argentavis, Akira Sengoku decided to burn the School Camp down to prevent other victims from falling to the Ancient Ticks.

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