Ambulocetus Natans

Ambulocetus Natans

Ambulocetus Natans2

Restoration of Ambulocetus Natans

Era Cenozoic
Period Early Eocene
Living Period 50 - 49 Million Years Ago
Region Pakistan
Size Head: 75cm; 3m long
First Appearance Chapter 10


Having the appearance of a 3 meter (10-foot) long mammalian crocodile, it was clearly amphibious, as its back legs are better adapted for swimming than for walking on land, and it probably swam by undulating its back vertically, as otters and whales do. It has been speculated that Ambulocetids hunted like crocodiles, lurking in the shallows to snatch unsuspecting prey. Chemical analysis of its teeth shows that it was able to move between salt and fresh water. Ambulocetus did not have external ears. To detect prey on land, they may have lowered their heads to the ground and felt for vibrations.

Scientists consider Ambulocetus to be an early whale because it shares underwater adaptations with them: it had an adaptation in the nose that enabled it to swallow underwater, and its periotic bones had a structure like those of whales, enabling it to hear well underwater. In addition, its teeth are similar to those of early cetaceans.

Shirou's History Fact

Very similiar to the modern day whale. It was a half land, half water animal that lived in both fresh and salt waters. Like crocodiles, it waited on the water surface for prey to appear and attack them with its huge jaw. It even hunted large mammals. It could move on both land and underwater. With its whale-like body, it could easily swim up and down while in the water. Its long tail was useful for propelling it forward.


Raft arc

Shirou Mariya, Rion Akagami and Kanako Oomori were standing at the water when the Ambulocetus knocks Rion off her feet and drags her into the water. Rion evaded all the Ambulocetus' attacks until the ancient crocodile comes from behind and bites on her shoulder. At the beach, after helping with his friends on the Raft, Akira Sengoku heads toward the water to save Rion. The Ambulocetus has pinned Rion down at the bottomfloor. Akira makes a nosedive toward her. The animal looks up and sees Akira. The Ambulocetus heads toward Akira. Akira stops the attack by grabbing the animal's whiskers and pulls it out. The animal quickly swims away from the scene.

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